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Spreading Joy

Spreading Joy

Not only are we strong advocates of play but we also believe spreading joy has equal value. There are a few ways we instill joy at our museum–first, by nurturing our curious learners. We believe giving children options and freedom to explore through guided-play encourages them to find pleasure in learning.

The Inside Scoop on The Studio

Play Enthusiast: MN Seoul

Power of Play! MN SEOUL I’m fortunate to be a Play Enthusiast at the Minnesota Children’s Museum, and recently was invited to discuss why play is so important, as well as the challenges in prioritizing play in our daily lives. Here is my reflection on one of the...
Why It’s Good to Let Children Play

Why It’s Good to Let Children Play

When I was 7 I had a box of Barbies that I played with for hours acting out stories, coloring their skin and building them houses. While my sisters and grandmother were certainly around, no one directed me how to play with them or cared what I did to them. At...

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