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Fish 2.0

Fish 2.0

Old Favorites Retire It’s your last chance to say goodbye to our atrium fish and many other iconic museum experiences. Old Favorites Return… We understand that visitors will miss some of their favorite experiences that close the end of the summer. Don’t...
Expansion:  The Forces of Growth and Change

Expansion: The Forces of Growth and Change

Forces at Play Opening late summer (and pictured below under construction), Forces at Play requires experimentation! With the force of air kids push balls through tubes, pipes and hoses at targets in one end of this gallery. At the other end, graffiti won’t last long...
Steel:  Building The Scramble

Steel: Building The Scramble

Building The Scramble Visible changes every day: The steel is going up in front of the building, creating the future home of The Scramble. Plywood has replaced windows where we will connect the existing building to the expansion area Windows are being cut into the...
Expansion:  The Forces of Growth and Change

Healthy Food at the Museum (But You Can’t Eat It!)

Yes! We’re talking carrots, but… Have you dined recently in Mini Our World? Gone are the plastic foods! We’re updating this favorite exhibit with something more sustainable. What that means for us are toys that will stand the test of thousands of kids at...

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