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Big Progress and a Big Month

Vice President of External Relations

We’re making big progress on our expansion and renovation in St. Paul. Anyone who visits the museum sees an amazing transformation in the works.

August will bring major milestones on the project – and changes for our visitors. We’re opening new galleries, another entrance on the skyway level and a new box office.

We’ll also be saying goodbye to three galleries that have welcomed millions of families since we first opened our downtown St. Paul location in 1995.

Here’s an overview of the changes coming in August. Make plans to visit your old favorites and to check out our new experiences.

Make plans to visit your old favorites and to check out our new experiences.

Forces at Play (Opens Aug. 27)

Forces at Play in the 3M Gallery will be the first of 10 new permanent exhibits to open as part of our $30 million expansion.

The exhibit will offer an engrossing series of activities using air and water.

  • Build air-powered machines to launch ping-pong balls
  • Use valves to send water cascading from one source to another
  • Run your own car wash from start to finish with hoses and dryers

Thomas and Friends™: Explore the Rails (Opens Aug. 12)

Travel to the Island of Sodor with Thomas & Friends, where you will solve a variety of challenges, climb into Thomas’ cab, load freight into train cars and fix Percy’s wobbly wheel.

Pattern Wizardry (Opens Aug. 25)

This magical exhibition invites children’s inquiry through hands-on activity, introducing them to the fundamentals of patterns as the building blocks of our natural and man-made world.

Tot Spot (Opens Aug. 25)

Our youngest visitors will enjoy a series of engaging activities in this Tot Spot. Toddlers will navigate a bog, crawl through a log, work their way through a maze and toss balls.

Saying Goodbye to Favorite Exhibits

World Works, Earth World and Habitot© will close in August. Now’s the time to visit these beloved galleries before their doors close for the last time.

World Works (Last Day Aug. 14)

Move packages through the warehouse, cast shadows in the Theater of Light and make a splash at the water tables.

Earth World (Last Day Aug. 24)

Become an ant in the anthill and experience life in a society where existence relies on teamwork.

This immersive exhibit highlights Minnesota’s forest, prairie, and wetland environments, and the animals within them.

Habitot© (Last Day Aug. 24)

Infants, toddlers and young preschoolers love to touch, reach, creep, crawl, cruise, and try all that is available in the pond, prairie, forest and caves of Habitot©.

Members-Only Event: Queen Ant & Turtle Shell Retirement Party (Aug. 14, 5 to 8 p.m.)

Help us send off the queen ant and the turtle shell in style. At this members-only event, we’ll celebrate 20 years of delightful times in Earth World, World Works and Habitot©. This will be a great opportunity for photos! If you’re not a member and would like to attend, join today.

Skyway-Level Entrance and Box Office (Opens Aug. 16)

Our expansion project includes construction of a new entrance and box office on the second floor. Starting Aug. 16, families will be able to enter the museum directly from the skyway.

The street-level entrance on Wabasha will remain open. The entrance on West Seventh Street is closed during construction.


Visit our expansion project page for the latest information.

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