Play with Possibilities

Anything’s possible at Minnesota Children’s Museum

Play with Possibilities

Anything’s possible at Minnesota Children’s Museum

A place to

Where kids lead the way and dream up their own adventures.
Where stories soar and ideas roam free.
Where “Look at this!” moments and “I did it!” milestones happen every day.
Where children improvise, innovate and stretch their minds

A Great Year

Minnesota Children’s Museum gained momentum during the past year, continuing to increase attendance, producing a variety of new hands-on experiences, making progress on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals, and strengthening the organization’s financial sustainability.

A few highlights from 2022-23:

  • Served more than 360,000 visitors, an increase of 44% from the previous year
  • Unveiled new experiences that enabled kids (and adults) to test boundaries, develop their creativity and explore their feelings
  • Advanced DEI initiatives by welcoming nearly a quarter of the audience through Play for All access programs, increasing staff cultural competency and engaging marginalized communities in experiences and programs
  • Supported parents and other caregivers by providing resources to support playful learning at the museum and beyond

Dynamic Experiences

Stepping into Minnesota Children’s Museum for the first time is a real eye-opening experience. Newcomers find opportunities to tinker and touch, spin and splash, climb and concoct.

Those who already know their way around always discover new experiences, too.

Here are some of the ways the museum’s exhibit developers, designers, artists and builders are making sure visitors explore with wonder and delight.

Championing Play and Supporting Families

Play is a lot more than “just fun.” It’s a powerful force in every child’s growth and development. That’s why the museum touts the power of play every chance it gets.

Inside the Museum

Kids have so much fun scampering through the museum that it’s sometimes hard to see the skills they’re developing along the way. Staff have been working on ways to help parents and caregivers see and support the learning that happens when kids play.

Beyond Our Walls

The museum’s “Playful Parenting: Bringing Play to Every Day” (link) website features activity ideas, supportive tips and articles intended to give families the information and inspiration they need to weave play into the fabric of their daily lives. Website visitors can find:

  • Activity ideas to spark hands-on learning
  • Questions from parents answered by child-development experts
  • Simple tips to practice playful parenting
  • Articles about the importance of play and trends in playful learning

Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The museum strives to provide a diverse, welcoming and inclusive environment for visitors and staff. Some of the efforts during the past year to advance this commitment included:

  • Creating a series of after-hours events for members of BIPOC employee resource groups and their families
  • Coordinating a series of events and gatherings for staff to develop cultural competency
  • Conducting Filter Shift intercultural competence training sessions and 6Cs of Inclusive Leadership sessions for staff

Ramona Kitto Stately, a member of the Santee Sioux Dakota Nation, shares stories of Dakota people with museum staff during a “Bdote: Learning from Place” tour of sacred sites in July 2023.


The museum partnered with the Twin Cities Hispanic Coalition in October 2023 for the first of a series of special events with BIPOC employee resource groups.


The museum hosted two Deaf Day events in partnership with Metro Deaf School and the Playful Learning Lab at the University of Saint Thomas, featuring ASL interpreters and special activities.

Opening Doors for Everyone

Our organization is committed to ensuring that all families can experience the museum’s playful learning opportunities. The museum’s Play for All access program provides:

  • Free or discounted tickets and memberships to income-qualified families
  • Free admission on Securian Financial Free First Sundays
  • Discounted group visit tickets for organizations that predominantly serve students from low-income families

During fiscal 2022-23, more than 80,000 children and adults enjoyed the museum through Play for All programs.

So much is possible – thanks to our generous donors.

We are filled with gratitude for the incredible generosity from our community. Philanthropic support helps create our playful learning experiences, provides resources for caregivers and ensures the museum is accessible to all. Our supporters help make Minnesota Children’s Museum a magical space where families make memories and children play, learn and grow.

Anonymous (6)
Hilary Abe and Jonnelle Walker
Evelyn Abrams-Evans
Jeff Achen
Colleen Adams
Dave Adams
Nelson Adamson
Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch
Matt and Samantha Adey
Noopur Agarwal
Aimee Agpoon
Irma Aguero
Katerine Aguilar
Zinia Akhtar
Judith and Richard Albrecht
Carina and Dan Aleckson
Jonna Al-Khanji
Leslie Allen Nejedly
Ashley Allen
Charlene and Mark Altman
Andrea Alto
Bobby Amagan
Caroline Amplatz
Angie Andersen
Amanda Anderson
Beth and Richard Anderson
Brynn and Dan Anderson
Danielle and Drew Anderson
Jerome and Constance Anderson
Joan Anderson
Katelyn Anderson
Kristen Anderson
Nicole Anderson
Genesis Andrade
Carolyn Andrae
Mirna Angel
Jude Annan
Monica Anstett
Maggie Armstrong
Tyler Armstrong
John and Shar Arnason
James and Debra Arneson
Anaruth Astello
Jesus Atariguana
Oregon Auden
Paul and Tanya Auger
Christine Aull
Nicole and Nick Aune
Phala Austin
Lisa and Stephen Austria
William and Caroline Au-Yeung
Erich and Jessica Axmacher
Kelly and Mike Axtell
Hanan Azer
Jerry and Amy Babcock
Averyel Bachelani
Anne Bachem
Falilat Bada
Patricia Bahena
Matthew Bailey and Kristin Gendron
Mariya Balakireva and Dmytro Glotov
Kristen Balentine
Kevin and Julie Balon
Marjorie Banitt
Anthony Baquero
Rachael Barker
Andrew Barnhart
Diana and James Barr
Denise and Michael Barrera
Claire Bartlett
Mary Bauer
Debra Bauler
Dana Baumeister
Laura Bear
Frank and Rachel Bedo
Michael Begley
Gary and Kristine Behm
Kevin Behm
Charlene Behne
Amanda Bell
Katrina Bell and Robert Crandall
Karla Belteton Flores
David and Rachel Benedict
Germaine Benemile
Dale Benham
Meagan Benson
Marcie Berg
Lillian Wright & C. Emil Berglund Foundation
Sendia Berka
Shayla Berry
Brianna Bickford
Ryan Bierwerth
Aaron and Jennifer Biggs
Tina Bindman
Camilla Black
Margaret Blair
Lisa Blaisdell
Sara Blessing and Christopher Mishek
Michelle Blodgett and Steve Kaari
Lauren Boedeker
Ann and Jay Boekhoff
Jessie and Jeff Bohn
Mackenzie Bolduc
Jason Bonfig
Aaliyah Book
Kjerstin Booth
Ariel and Ben Borgerding
Tori Borka
Cindy Bourne
Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten and Holly Westbrock
Tayler Boysen
Tricia and Colin Brackeen
Mary and Marcella Bradley
Margaret Bragg
Jennifer Bratton and Keith Waxelman
Emily Brau
Vi Braun
Grace and Ross Brennan
Daniel and Maria Brewer
Ann and Michael Brilley
Victoria Brinkman
Dan Bromley
Anthony and Christy Brown
Mary Jo Brown
Matthew and Ashley Brown
Angela and Michael Brunner
Matthew and Leigh-Anne Brunnette
Bailey Buchert
Kim and Derek Buck
Barbara and Ryan Buege
Derek Burk
Mary Burmann
Sharon and Michael Burstein
Pia and Mark Buscher
Lindsey Buxton
Brian and Megan Caauwe
Dennis and Nan Callahan
Taylor Callais
Claire and Chris Campbell
Justin Campbell
Mika Campbell and William Campell
Yuriria Campos Jaimes
Lisa Capp
Andrew Carlson
Andy Carlson
Karla and Nick Carlson
Mike Carpenter
Sorcha Carpenter and Michael Wilkie
Kristin and David Carr
Elias Carrillo
Connie Carrino
Derik Casper and Amanda West
Kate Cassidy
Kara and Joseph Casteel
Marie Cattanach
Derek and Anna Chamberlain
Elizabeth Chambers
Pa Shia Chang
Joe Chell
Wendy Chen
Xiaoling Chen
Kimberly Chhoun
Tara Chichester and Kris Brazil
Yeuly Chin
Yonghan Ching
Adrian and Cynthia Chiu
Megan Chopard-Boge
Madhura Choudhary
Tylor Christensen
Steve Christenson and Lisa Hondros
Heidi Christian and Ryan Hanke
Andrew Christoffel and Laura Rogers
Lecia Churchill
Chris and Melissa Clark
Tom and Cindy Clark
Desiree Clater and Jessica Stoltz
Chris Claude
Laurel and Steve Clift
Brian and Rebecca Cline
Micheals Clorke
David Collova
Natalie Collova
Joel and Melissa Conaway
Hannah and Daniel Connolly
Tana and David Conway
Jaclyn and Aaron Cook
Ronald Cook
John and Gretchen Corkrean
Adriana Cortes
Corwin Family Fund
Jeanne Corwin
Susan and William Costello
Jane Covart
Rebecca Craft
Meghan Crandall
Doug Craven
Jennifer Crawford
Barbara Crist-Nepp
Carey and Scott Crowell
David and Sue Cummings
Elizabeth and Gregg Cummings
Scott and Tracy Cummings
Hayley Cunningham Tang and Steve Tang
Mitzi Curtis
Corneilia Curtis-Smith
Elisa Dabruzzi
Laura and James Dada
Gloria Dahlke
Christine and Loren Danielson
Katherine Dansberry
Kimberly D’Augustin
Jean Davidson
Dexter Davis
Grady and Ayanna Davis
Martha Dayton and Thomas Nelson
Diana De La Pena
Charles and Heidi DeBeck
Cortney Deblaere
Aaron and Jamie Decker
Nikkole DeGroat
Shirin Deinparvar
Sarah Delacueva
Lori and Paul Delahunt
Amber and Michael DeMarais
Erin and Randall DeMartino
Sheryl Dentinger
Lise DeSimone
Janette DeSmet
Patti Desotelle
Kathy Deveny
Tami Diehm and Brian Stanley
Randa and H. Erhan Dincer
Tara DiNicola
Mishra Diptimaya
Larry Disher
Carol Dittbenner
Emmaleigh Dobratz
Rachel Dockry
Margaret and Gerald Dokka
Kim Donahue
Katharine and Douglas Donaldson
Hayley Dorumsgaard and Nancy Rollins
Colleen Doyle and Andrew Mintz
John Doyle
Ginger Drake
Elizabeth Driscoll
Heather DuBois
Jackie and Nick Dufficy
Mary Dunn
Liz Dunshee Goke and Andy Goke
Jade Dupre
Jolene and Jennifer Dwelis
Anna Dwyer
Shannon and Josh Dye
Jana Ebnet
Juanita Edington
Josie Edwards
Jessica Egyhazi and Jason Broberg
Amanda Ellwood
Elizabeth Elwart
Melanie Emery
Helga Emrich
Eric Engelbert
Bridge Engelbrektson
Mike Engelhardt
Jill Engeswick and Emily Krasny
Tara and Kevin England
Michael Enright
Amy Erickson
Kelly Erickson
Nicole Erickson
Sarah Erickson
Jessica Erling
Kate and Art Errickson
Thomas and Victoria Estrem
Jax Evans
Heather Everist
Paul Everson
Alexander Ewing
Jacob Ewing
Norma Falink
Hongjian Fan
Rosemay Fangyen
Lisa Farrell
Heidi Farris
Andrew Faulkner
Adisa Featherstone
Nicole and Gregory Fedor
Albino and Claudia Feijo
John Feld
Genesis Feliciano
Carla Ferguson
Mason Ferguson
Peter and Marie Fernandes
Ann Ferreira and Jon Reissner
Andrew Ferron
Carly Ferry
Courtney Ferry
Michael and Brandy Fiddelke
Stephanie Figy
Cortney and Zach Filipek
Danielle Fillmore
Melissa Fiman
Maureen and Rob Finlayson
Judith Finn
Rebecca Fitzgerald
Reed and Erin Flathmann
Justin and Beth Flattum
Lori Flemmer
Claire Fletcher
Alicia Flicker
Travis and Kelsey Flint
Rafael Forbush
David and Deanne Forkrud
Sharon Fossman
Kari Foster
Brad and Heather Fox
Kristi and Jeff Fox
Erin Fox-Santamaria
Marie and Charles Fraass
Charlotte Frank
Katherine Frank and Richard Kain
Jerold Franklin
Jenna Freimuth
Jill Frey
James and Lauren Frickle
Miriam and CJ Friesen
Cassie Fritz
Cynthia Froid and Ted Jirele
Greg Frommelt
Megan Fuches
Nancy and Andy Fuenffinger
Tabitha Gadson
Allison and Scott Gage
Brooke Gainsford
Karen Gajeski
Jeffrey and Megan Gallenberger
Jerry and Marybeth Galloway
Ingrid Garcia Cortes
Nicole and Matthew Garnett
Annie Garrett
Nicole Garrison
Patricia Garvey and Gina Ballina
JP and Susan Gatto
Adil Gatur
Lissa and Bruce Gatz
Todd Gau
Joseph Gaugler
Saron Genda and Abreham Doni
Kim Genereux
Gary Genovese
Colleen Geronsin
Patrick Geschwinder
Briana and Arend Geurink
Carl Ghiselli
Airika Gibbs
Robert Gibson
Karen Gillen
Heather Gillez
Amy Giovanini and Ben Ahrens
Ashley Girard
Graham Gmach
Joseph Goblirsch
Roxann Goertz
Mert Gokce
A. Nancy Goldstein
Gabriel Goldstein and Ashley Schweitzer
Barbara Golliet
Heidi Gonzalez
Nancy Gonzalez
Sharon Goode-Teeple
Victoria and Howard Goplin
Rebecca and Justin Grammens
Sarah Gran
Kristine Granias
Allison Gredesky
Anders Gredvig
Michelle Greenleaf
Thomas Greenlee
Bobbie Gregg
Elaine Gregorich
Anne Greibrok
Roger Griffith and Jean Taylor
Matthew Griser
Lloyd Grooms
Samantha and Josiah Grover
Heidi Gruenhagen
Kari Guida
Dionne Gumbs
Jordan Gustafson
Ashley and Haag
Ryan Haberger
Grace Haglund
Karla Haij
Mahmoud Hakima
Merim Halavac
Jeff Halbert
Angela Halgrimson
Arielle Hall
Chelsea Halseth
Edward Hammes
Phillip and Mary Hammond
Blake Hampton
Gail Hanninen
Ruth Hanold Crane and Doug Crane
Angela Hanrahan
Bill and Sheri Hansen
Jack Hansen and Joan Legare Hansen
Jackie Hansen
Erin Hanson
Kimberly and Andrew Hanson
Krista Hanson
Pamela Hanson
Amie and Tim Hanwick
Kate Harahan
Lena Harhaj
Patt Haroldson
Patrick and Laura Harris
Alexis Harrison
Ruth Harrison and Kathleen Anderson
Jennifer and Katherine Harriss
Tessa Hart
Marialice and Nevin Harwood
Nancy and Robert Hatch
Karon Haun
Alison and Joshua Haupt
Christopher Hawkins
Paula Hayes
Libing He
Luke and Dana Healy
Maurice Hearne and Lori Holdridge
Jennifer Heilman
Margaret Hein
DJ and Melissa Heinle
Wanda Hellerud
Elizabeth Hemmah
Victor Henao Navarro
Carol Hendricks
Mina and Shawn Hendricks
Cynthia and Chad Hengel
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John and Michelle Henningsgard
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Cayla Her
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Pa Her and Vanara Tor
Anne and Robert Herman
Perla Hernandez Sotelo and Alexis Vogel
Cortney Hernandez
Elyse Hertling
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Grace Hiegel and Roberto Baltierrez-Escarpita
Nate and Ali Hildre
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Elizabeth and Dan Hills
Margaret Hinke and Adam Gislason
Jennifer Hjelmgren
Kimberly Hoang
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Kelsey Holden
Bryan and Katelyn Hollaway
Lisa Hollingsworth and Lynette Cook
Phoebe and Hollingsworth
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Jessica and Joseph Holubar
Lawrence and Jenna Hong
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Autumn and Nathan Hubbell
Mark and Jama Hubler
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Jill Hughes and Clifford Owen
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Paul and Suzanne Humbert
Linda and Joshua Hummel
Laura and Stephanie Hunziker
Suzette and Michael Huovinen
Anne Katherine Hust
Brittany Illescas
Bob Ingrassia and Lida Poletz
Paul and Kaelin Ireland
Laura and Jesse Jacobson
Nazmul Jaffer
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Erik and Jennifer Jensen
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John and Marla Ordway Charitable Lead Trust
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Amanda and Tyler Johnstone
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Julie Joyce and Kyle Falconbury
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Roopa K Puranik Math
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Lea and Paul Kangas
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Shirley and Arnold Kaplan
Dinesh Kumar Karunagaran
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Amanda and Paul Keim-Morrison
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Dana and Robert Kolb
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Andrew and Lindsay Kozek
Mariah Kraatz-Rimkus and Nolan Rehman
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Fiscal Year 2023

July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023


Minnesota Children’s Museum made significant progress in continuing to rebound from the pandemic, which caused steep declines in attendance, membership and earned revenue. During the 2022-23 fiscal year (July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023), the museum saw sizable growth in year-over-year attendance, membership sales and significant growth in traveling exhibits revenue. The investment returns on endowment performed well.

Net assets increased by $4,165,000. Forgiveness of debt associated with New Markets Tax Credits (part of the financing for the museum’s 2017 expansion and renovation project) contributed to the surplus.

Of the museum’s $8,971,000 in expenses, 78% went toward programs.

Statement of Financial Position

June 30, 2023 June 30, 2022
   Current $5,824,000 $6,973,000
   Property & Equipment $25,505,000 $26,856,000
   Other Assets $10,078,000 $12,547,000
Total Assets $41,407,000 $46,376,000
   Current $2,930,000 $2,643,000
   Long Term $9,420,000
Total Liabilities $2,930,000 $12,063,000
Net Assets
   Without donor restriction $33,413,000 $30,372,000
   With donor restriction
      Purpose and time $1,149,000 $1,120,000
      Perpetual in nature $3,915,000 $2,821,000
Total Net Assets $38,477,000 $34,313,000
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $41,407,000 $46,376,000

10 West Seventh Street
St. Paul, MN 55102
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