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Come visit Herald the Dragon at Mall of America©!

Spark Some Medieval Magic

Travel back in time to a fanciful medieval village filled with opportunities for problem-solving, storytelling and imaginative play. Design and build your own chair, cook a delicious meal using garden vegetables or create a puppet show to entertain the royals.

Inside The Amazing Castle, kids can don costumes and role-play as lords, ladies and castle villager, craft a miniature community using stone blocks or sound the trumpets – but be careful, those trumpets will wake Herald, the sleeping dragon.

Visit The Amazing Castle today, where king-sized learning adventures await in a child-sized fortress!

Craft ‘yore’  medieval quest!

  • Create and serve a magical feast in the Great Hall
  • Don costumes and role-play as lords, ladies and castle villagers
  • Sound the trumpets to wake Herald, the sleeping dragon
  • Entertain the royals with a creative puppet show in the Royal Theatre
  • Craft a miniature community and build a fortress using stone blocks
  • Use a metal patch to fix a hole in the Blacksmith’s Workshop

©2001 Minnesota Children’s Museum. All rights reserved. The Amazing Castle was created by Minnesota Children’s Museum with funding from Curtis & Marjorie Nelson and the Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation.

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