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Our World

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A mini reflection of Minnesota’s diverse neighborhoods awaits and includes immersive, community-building experiences children love. Our World emphasizes pretend play, where children are encouraged to organize and carry out specific roles. Whether shopping at the market or visiting the doctor’s office, children have opportunities to take on responsible, adult-like roles, and become whoever they want to be.

Playing in Our World contributes to the development of essential lifelong skills such as:
Creative Thinking when cooking up a storm and trying out original recipes to serve customers at the restaurant.
Control when taking on a new role, such as mail carrier, which builds empathy by highlighting the thoughts and feelings of others.

Collaboration when compromising with others to decide on who will be the driver and who will be the passenger on the bus (and for how long!).


Download the Our World Play at Home activity (PDF)

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Make time for play - it’s one of the most powerful ways kids learn! #PlayMoreMN

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