Successful People Play

by | Jun 6, 2016 | #PlayMoreMN, The Power of Play |

Play is More than “Just Fun” It’s how kids and adults learn.

Minnesota Children’s Museum is taking a strong stand that says one of the keys to helping our community tackle the challenges of today and the future will come from an unlikely source – and that’s play.

The Source of True Innovation is Play

We obviously tout the benefits of play for children, and are working to make sure that hands-on, open-ended experiences for kids don’t get crowded out as parents face increasing pressures from screen time, academics, organized activities, etc. But we also are making the case for the importance of play more broadly – the notion that true innovation, creativity and critical thinking thrives when adults make a point of playing.

Successful Minnesotans Play

So that’s where the Successful People Play videos and events come in. We’re profiling a variety of interesting and notable people from throughout the community – all of whom credit at least some of their professional success to their freedom to roam and explore as kids, and to their ongoing efforts to maintain a playful mindset as adults.

We found that behind every successful person is a history and current practice of play. Of course, we define success a little differently too – it’s not just wealth or fame but happiness, health, community involvement and an innovative, creative spirit.

More play means more learning. If parents are stressing about school readiness and worrying about how to raise bright and creative children, they should know that giving kids time and space to play is the best thing they can do.

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